Job Vacancy: Postdoctoral Researcher in Build Dependency Analytics

The Software REBELs are seeking applications to fill a vacancy at the Postdoctoral Researcher level.

Position Overview

Job Type: Postdoctoral Researcher
Project: Build Dependency Analytics
Targeted Start Date: September 1, 2021 (flexible)
Duration: 1–3 years

Project Details

Modern software solutions require the effective orchestration of a complex set of tools, e.g., compilers, test harnesses, packaging and releasing tools, and deployment and monitoring dashboards. At the core of this so-called "pipeline" is the build system, which weaves these tools together to perform cohesive (incremental) operations. While build systems provide mission-critical features for software teams, they must be carefully maintained to avoid drifting out of sync with the other software artifacts it is tasked with building (e.g., source code, tests, container descriptions). In this project, we will develop solutions to automatically detect and correct out-of-date build specifications.

Job Requirements

Application Contents

To apply for the position, create an application package with the following contents:

Application Procedure

Combine the application package into a single PDF and submit it by email to Shane McIntosh [first_name].[family_name] The email must use the subject: "Application for the Postdoctoral Researcher Vacancy in Build Dependency Analytics".

Research Environment

The mission of the Software REBELs is to enable the development, maintenance, and operation of intelligent release pipelines. We do so by mining historical and operational development and build data. In addition, we leverage the rich data available within the build system to support various stakeholders on software development teams (e.g., developers, devops engineers, managers).

The Software REBELs are located at the University of Waterloo in the heart of one of Canada's fastest growing and most innovative cities. The Software REBELs are a part of the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science and are funded by generous support from the Faculty of Mathematics, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Mitacs, and our industrial partners at YourBase, Dell EMC, and Shopify to name a few.


For more information, contact Shane McIntosh at [given_name].[family_name]