Zhili Zeng

Master's Student


International Journal Papers x 1

  1. Quantifying and Characterizing Clones of Self-Admitted Technical Debt in Build Systems
    Authors - Tao Xiao, Zhili Zeng, Dong Wang, Hideaki Hata, Shane McIntosh, Kenichi Matsumoto
    Venue - Empirical Software Engineering, pp. To appear, 2024
    Preprint - PDF
    Related Tags - EMSE 2024 build systems software quality anti-patterns

Full-Length International Conference Papers x 1

  1. A Mutation-Guided Assessment of Acceleration Appproaches for Continuous Integration: An Empirical Study of Yourbase
    Authors - Zhili Zeng, Tao Xiao, Maxime Lamothe, Hideaki Hata, Shane McIntosh
    Venue - International Conference on Mining Software Repositories, pp. To appear, 2024
    Acceptance rate - 42/146 (29%)
    Preprint - PDF
    Related Tags - MSR 2024 continuous integration build performance

Theses x 1

  1. Trade-Off Exploration for Acceleration of Continuous Integration
    Authors - Zhili Zeng
    Venue - University of Waterloo, pp. 1-69, 2023
    Preprint - PDF
    Related Tags - Theses 2023 continuous integration build performance