Software Licensing

International Journal Papers x 1

  1. What is an App Store? The Software Engineering Perspective
    Authors - Wenhan Zhu, Sebastian Proksch, Daniel M. German, Michael W. Godfrey, Li Li, Shane McIntosh
    Venue - Empirical Software Engineering, Vol. 29, No. 35, pp. 1–39, 2024
    Preprint - PDF
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Full-Length International Conference Papers x 1

  1. Tracing Software Build Processes to Uncover License Compliance Inconsistencies
    Authors - Sander van der Burg, Eelco Dolstra, Shane McIntosh, Julius Davies, Daniel M. German, Armijn Hemel
    Venue - International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, pp. 731-741, 2014
    Acceptance rate - 55/276 (20%)
    Preprint - PDF
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